Requiem: Consolation and Contemplation

CD Requiem, Priestly Fraternity of St PeterA beautiful and timeless addition to my music library arrived this week. The liner notes for Requiem, a recording of the Gregorian chant repertoire for the Mass and burial of the dead, promises that “the calmness of the chant reveals a spirit of rest or repose.” The recording delivers on its promise.

Dies iræ carried me back to my younger days, when I assisted at funerals in a country church, and forward through the years, bringing to mind so many final partings. Most moving was In Paradisum: “May the Angels lead you into Paradise,” our fondest wish for those we have lost.

Recorded by priests and seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter at their seminary in Denton, Nebraska, Requiem is available directly from the Order or can be purchased on Amazon. A feature article in the Miami Herald supplies interesting context; the following video describes the recording project and provides samples of the chants.


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