Noted in passing, May 17, 2015

It’s been just over a week since Elizabeth May’s sad performance at the Press Gallery dinner. You remember the one: F-bombs masquerading as toughness; incoherent mini- lectures about the hobbyhorse of the moment; lauding a grenade-thrower and smearing the entire federal cabinet in a juvenile turn of phrase. Surely the political damage is severe. If one of the other parties chooses to run an election commercial against the Greens, it’s bound to become an instant classic. A waste of money, but a classic.

Hats off to Lisa Raitt, who had the courage to mount the platform to rescue her friend from herself. The sight of Ms Raitt shepherding and consoling Ms May while being denounced as classless by Ms May should linger in our memories. Anyone would be lucky to have such a stout-hearted friend.

I was startled to hear the slogan “smooth as hell” in a liquor commercial during prime time this week. Not offended, mind you. Just startled that a copywriter could get away with a slogan that sounds like a fourteen-year old trying on a bad-boy act. Daffy Duck sashaying into a saloon and asking for sarsaparilla in a dirty glass sounds more authentic.

Checking out coverage of the National March for Life on Parliament Hill, I came across a tweet that featured a couple of grinning women carrying signs that read “Life is overrated” and “I hate life.” Really? In your heart of hearts – really?

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