Council hosts First Degree for six new members

Last evening, Holy Cross Council’s team presented a First Degree, during which six new members were accepted into the Knights of Columbus. I was struck by the variety of life experiences the new members have brought to their councils:

  • a young priest from Kuala Lumpur who is studying canon law at St Paul University
  • a retired grandfather of Hispanic origin
  • an employee of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • a pediatrician who works at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • a military surgeon  who recently returned from two tours of duty in Afghanistan
  • a small business owner from Wendover

Everyone in the room identified, in their own way, with the words of the military surgeon: “I’ve seen the horrors of the battlefield and the good that people can do. I’m here to do all the good I can.” Amen to that.

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